remember to laugh at our own absurdity

monique aislabie

BY VIV CLICQUOT: “This act is a celebration of pure freedom of movement and a reminder that female bodies are instruments of our own joy and pleasure. Burlesque performance as a whole has been an incredibly powerful force of positive feminist change in my life. With each and every performance, each time I take to the stage, I feel so powerfully proud of taking an active stance of defiance against incredibly narrow societal ideas of beauty and what it means to be a ‘good girl’. As a young girl, at the height of the disco craze in the 70’s, I used to shut myself in my bedroom, crank up the soundtrack to Saturday Night Fever, take off my clothes and dance with pure joy and abandon for hours for no reason other than feeling the air move against my skin and the passion of carefree movement. There was no shame, no disgrace, no judgment of my childish body, as I had yet to be conditioned to feel such heart-breaking things about my female form. I spent my 20’s and 30’s with a very critical and distorted view of both my body – which I deemed to be a failure – and my outgoing boisterous spirit, which was simply ‘too much’ and ‘not ladylike’. It was coming into burlesque in my 40’s that took a sledge-hammer to those tragic beliefs about what it meant to be a proper woman. My goal with this act is to share my restored childhood freedom, combined with the strength of my 52 years of feminine power and confidence. I also brandish the strength that comes from not taking oneself too seriously, it’s healthy and liberating to remember to laugh at our own absurdity”.

Viv Clicquot from Screaming Chicken on Vimeo.

PHOTO BY: Maren Michaelis at Bedroom Burlesque Event no:2