being sexy is not defined by your dress or bra size

monique aislabie

After working in the Burlesque industry for over 11 years I have discovered that…. just because a woman has what society tells us is a “perfect” body doesn’t necessarily mean she is going to be the sexiest performer of the night. Sometimes it can be the woman that you wouldn’t expect to be sexy that explodes like dynamite on stage and has a fascinating allure that pulls you in and makes you want more!

So what is it that makes a Burlesque performer sexy then?… I believe it’s the fire that burns inside of her when she is passionate about what she is doing, it’s the confidence she exudes as she embraces the full power of her femininity and sexual energy,  it’s the woman that isn’t afraid to show the world that she is sexy in her own unique way.  THIS is an extremely powerful and sexy woman no matter what her dress or bra size might be.