monique aislabie

Wow wow wow the Bedroom Burlesque Event “Berlin Burlesque Week Edition” was just incredible.

Together we laughed, we cried, we danced, we screamed, we gave it our everything and the result was incredible

The artists showed us the driving force behind their performance, the speakers made us cry as they opened their hearts and showed us their vulnerability. My audience embraced the rollercoaster ride of emotions and created the type of atmosphere that lifted the show to the next level. I‘m absolutely blown away by the amount of love and strength that we created in that space. It was magical.

A big big big thank you to my wonderful beautiful outstanding cast and crew. I handpicked each of you to be there on that stage because you represent empowerment in your own unique way and you most certainly gave us that! My heart is singing, you really rock my world.

And a big thank you the Berlin Burlesque Week crew and producers. Without your hard work none of that would have been possible.

PICTURES and Videos of the show coming soon!

Featuring live Burlesque:
Sydni Deverauex (USA)
MisSa Blue (BER/DE)
Stella Polaire (FIN)
The Diamond Dahlia (AUS/UK)
Força (CAN)
Chevonne of the Yukon (CAN)

Guest Speakers:
MisSa Blue (BER/DE)
Aisling MacCaba (BER/DE)
Lilly Pop (BER/DE)
Bard (IL/BER)

Hp Loveshaft
Lazer Liz
Lilly Mortis
Donna Diesel
Lady Lou
Dani Danger
Madamé Elysion

HOSTED by LADY LOU (creator of Bedroom Burlesque)