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Why I created Bedroom Burlesque – by Lady Lou

One of the most confusing and suppressing juxtapositions women face in today’s society is…. LOOKING SEXY IS OK, BUT BEING SEXUAL ISN’T !?! It’s time for women to reclaim their sexuality and have the space to express it freely without judgement and in whatever way they choose.

In a interview recently I was asked “Do you think Burlesque can have a negative effect because it puts women under even more pressure to be sexy?”. My answer….  in our society I think there is a lot of pressure on women to be “sexy” and yes this can be a form of female oppression. But only because we associate this word with women being objectified and images of unobtainable body shapes, of one very specific age and ethnicity group. If we think we don’t fit into this unrealistic idea of what “sexy” is supposed to look like then we have failed and therefore undesirable. THIS is what puts women under tremendous pressure.

That’s why I’m trying to create a space where women can start to see themselves as sexy no matter what their age or body size might be. In a safe environment that celebrates diversity and focuses on a body positive attitude, for this can be an extremely empowering form of self discovery.

It’s time to stop buying into the bullshit that is dumped on us about how we should look in order to obtain those sexy standards for a society that thinks they own and control our sexuality. Well guess what ? They don’t ! Nobody does ! Not your parents, not your boyfriend, not your employer, not those men who leer at you on the street, and certainly not the mainstream media. Don’t give them that power over you. Your sexuality belongs to you and ONLY you. Don’t let anyone make you afraid or ashamed of it, love it, be proud of it, and express it in your own unique way. The balance between being strong and successful, but at the same time allowing yourself the space to get in touch with your femininity and female sexuality is the epitome of the powerful modern day woman!

Now imagine this: You lock the door to your bedroom that is softly lite only by candlelight. There is your favorite music playing. You are wearing an exquisite Burlesque costume that makes you feel like a divine seductress. In this moment you are the beautiful luxurious gift that is about to be unwrapped.

Bedroom Burlesque is not only about pleasing your lover, you don’t even need one for this to work! It’s about taking the time to explore your own sexuality, and discovering what will turn YOU on.  Bedroom Burlesque gives you the outlet to express yourself in a way that is comfortable, beautiful and fun.  It’s a chance for you to become the lead role in your own fantasy.  You get to choose the costume, makeup, music, scent, taste, lighting, themes, play, toys.  You get to choose what character you want to play and what fantasy you want to explore.  For a lot of women this is an extremely empowering experience and when you discover this confidence it can have a positive impact not only in the bedroom but within the rest of your life (and the bonus is that their lovers get to enjoy it too).

written by Lady Lou
(creator of Bedroom Burlesque).
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about Lady Lou

Meet the Head Mistress behind the Bedroom Burlesque brand.

She is also one of German’s most famous Burlesque personalities, known especially for her performing, teaching, and organizing Burlesque events.  Lady Lou has been an integral part of Berlin’s growing New Burlesque scene and is known to some as the “Berlin Burlesque Mama”.

With over 7 years of teaching experience Lady Lou specializes in educating women how to be confident and positive about their bodies. It is this unique blend of body confidence and erotic, glamour that attracted Lady Lou to the world of Burlesque and it is her greatest pleasure to be able to teach other women how to unlock and unleash the beautiful Burlesque star that lies within.

You can also see her performing through out Europe captivating onlookers with her unforgettable gaze, creative acts and masterful bump-and-grind techniques.  When she is not teaching or performing Burlesque you will find her producing top-notch events in Berlin including La Fête Fatale, Sunday Soirée and Lady Lou’s Burlesque Students go Live!  Or perhaps you will find her inspiring faithful readers on how to enjoy their feminine wiles with her sympathetic and hilarious blog.

If you’ve been seeking the absolute embodiment of positive womanliness, consummate professionalism and vivacious entertainment, then take a deep breath and get ready to be blown away!