You have post!

Getting our first box of gorgeous Bedroom Burlesque goodies ready to post to a student in Sweden!  

Food for thought – Bedroom Burlesque Playlist

I have compiled this youtube playlist “Food for thought – Bedroom Burlesque” which contains videos of inspirational woman talking about female sexuality.  After watching these I always feel empowered and ready to confidently pursue my own Bedroom Burlesque pleasures.  I hope it also helps you to feel fabulously feminine and positively gorgeous!

1 Hour Workshops with Lady Lou

BEDROOM BURLESQUE HOUR First & Last Monday of every month 20:15 – 21:15 To register your place email: DATES 2017: 31.07.17 07.08.17 28.08.17 04.09.17 25.09.17 02.10.17 (NO CLASS) 30.10.17 06.11.17 27.11.17 04.12.17 25.12.17 (NO CLASS / CHRISTMAS) Workshop Description: OPEN TO ALL LEVELS – if you have done a Bedroom Burlesque workshop and want…

My new path after the Birth of my second child

Over the past two years there have been big changes in my Burlesque career and my body as I gained a lot of extra weight since the birth of my second baby.  I would like to take the opportunity to share my feelings on this topic… first and most importantly – I still feel as…

19.08.17 – 20.08.17 Workshop Weekender (Part One)

BEDROOM BURLESQUE – Weekend Workshop (Part One) 19.08.17  12:30 – 14:30 20.08.17  12:30 – 14:30 Fragen und Anmeldungen sendet bitte an: Open to ALL:  This Workshop is open to all types of women – experienced, beginners, tall, short, large, small, old, young – WHATEVER it doesn’t matter! You all deserve to feel sexy and…

The first Bedroom Burlesque Workshop

I’m still walking on cloud9 after the bombastic start to my new Bedroom Burlesque Workshops last weekend!! It was two days full of sexy, naughty, kinky, girlie fun. I’m bursting with ideas, and inspiration for this project, there are so many different directions I want to develop this. I’m just so so so happy that…

Let’s go!

Bedroom Burlesque had the pleasure of featuring our new products at Berlin Burlesque Week’s – GALA SPECTACULAR!  Thank you to everyone that came to our table, brought our products and shared your support for our new project.  It was an amazing start to a wonderfully glamorous future in the world of Bedroom Burlesque!

Bedroom Burlesque has arrived!!

Break open the Champagne Bedroom Burlesque is finally here!  It is our absolute pleasure to introduce you to our sparkling world of naughty and nice.  Join us as we embark on this adverture into Bedroom Burlesque.