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My Body My Rules – Feel The Freedom

Watch live Burlesque, and listen to inspiring Public Speakers that aim to empower women and inspire body positivity.

or Abendkasse until places last
Presale: 18,30 €
Doorsales: 20,00€

DOORS: 19:30
SHOW: 20:30

Location: Ballhaus Berlin
Chausseestraße 102, 10115 Berlin

** Mama Ulita (Burlesque / Guest Speaker)
Mama Ulita will share her journey of growth from a little Girl out of the box that dreamed about dancing free and fearless in the woods of Bavaria to dance like a free Bird on a Big Stage at the Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas.

** Fifi Fantôme (Burlesque)
Burlesque / Circus Performer Fifi Fantôme tells a story of a woman breaking free of restrictions that have been placed on her. She opens her own Pandora’s Box to release her inner demons and gain strength through the feeling of freedom.

** Altesse Mystique (Burlesque)
She defies age stereotypes that are placed on women by showing us that “sexy” has no age. Altesse Mystique will share with you the process of transformation she experienced on her journey through Burlesque.

** Vesper Vinegar (Burlesque)
Vesper is re-writing the classic Fairytale script for she believes a woman doesn’t need to sit in her castle and wait for a Prince to sweep her off her feet and live happily ever after. This Princess is about to discover the true meaning of happiness.

** Caritia Abell (Guest Speaker)
Communication of Shadows // Ritual Embodiment. Shadows are a part of the unique balance that makes us (humans) curious and complex. What would happen if rather than pushing them away we embraced, embodied and enjoyed our shadows in a consciously intentioned way?
Caritia invites you into a world where exploring shadows through kink and ritual, offers an opportunity to hear, express and explore our demon-ised aspects, without shame, guilt or humiliation, (unless these are desired responses). A place of playful consenting exploration. The body speaks let’s listen and empower ourselves through personal experiences.
Caritia seeks to find a holistic approach to the body, mind, spirit communication to change the narrative on and about our bodies, sexuality, sexual expression and permission around desire.’

** Valerie Renay (Performance Artist)
Valerie Renay is Berlin based French-Caribbean performer, director, electronic pop chanteuse, musician, vocal coach, painter, DJ and half of Electro Art Pop Noir duo Noblesse Oblige
Her performance work is concerned with notions of identity, our place in society, our spiritual quest and everyday psychosis. Questions, often confrontational, are asked in a brutal, stylised dream like reality. Her vision is raw yet carefully choreographed, holding the emotional body at its core.
On stage, Valerie delivers a dramatic and emotionally charged physical and vocal performance, raw and sensual, offering poignant stories delivered in English and or French Brutal and soulful at once, each performance or concert is a ritualistic experience with punk attitude.

** Syren Joey (Performance Artist / Musician) What happens when a classically trained singer doesn’t feel like she quite fits in? She moves to Berlin and meets a wonderful tribe of creative, inspiring, DIY performers and enters the world of Burlesque, Cabaret, Night Clubs and Fetish parties.  This Siren intends to steal your soul, if only for a moment of blissful, live entertainment!

Have the FULL Bedroom Burlesque experience and attend our EVENT and WORKSHOP all in one very sexy weekend !!!
Bedroom Burlesque Workshop Weekend
At Schönheitstanz Berlin
15 & 16th September (15:30 – 17:30)