Experiencing the darkness that visited us that night was frightening

monique aislabie

Trigger warning (content about sexual abuse trauma). Meet Zeldor – The Dream Dragon. I created her after witnessing one of my students experiencing a very graphic and painful flash back to her past trauma of sexual abuse during a private lesson. There was nothing I could do to help her in this moment but just be there. Witnessing this flashback effected me very deeply, it almost felt like I had experienced the trauma myself. The work that I do is about creating a beautiful space for women where they can feel safe and free with their sexuality, so experiencing the darkness that visited us that night was frightening and heartbreaking. It took me several weeks to rebuild my strength again. The first few days I was in bed, and I couldn’t get up. My way to get out of this darkness was to visualise and dream of this powerful dragon. Last week I spent many hours finally bringing her to life and I love her! She is Zeldor The Dream Dragon. She is a guardian of the dream dimension. She cannot stop your nightmares from happening but she is there to help guide you back to the light.