monique aislabie

My Burlesque students often tell me that learning how to give good face while performing (face expression, eye contact, flirting etc) is one of the hardest parts of the workshop – why?… because they feel silly when they do it. I tell them YESSSSSsssss and that is what’s so great about it. In order to do it you have to stop taking yourself too seriously and push through that fear of looking stupid, then the magic happens! Your able to let your personality shine through and introduce your OWN kind of humour. Putting some funny moments into your flirting and game of seduction is a really effective way of breaking down barriers between you and your audience and creating connection. These are always the moments they will remember. So go on try it, step out of your comfort zone, don’t be afraid of looking stupid, make them laugh, make yourself laugh, have fun, be sexy be silly be you

Photo: Maren Michaelis