I am 40 years old, bisexual, married and a mother of two

monique aislabie

I promised to do a photoshoot that has no beauty retouching on photoshop – I call it “pure beauty shoot”. The photos have only had the colour and contrast slightly adjusted. I also made a conscious effort to not hide behind my costuming. For example I would always wear high waisted panties to hide my belly and stockings because of cellulite and varicose veins – but for this I got rid of both and it was pretty terrifying! I also made an effort to relax into poses and positions I wouldn’t normally dare to do because of the same reasons – to hide these areas.
I did the shoot in my own home, which makes it so much more personal. So these photos are intimate on many levels
and I absolutely love the results. I’m proud of my body and of achieving the personal goals I set for myself. Thanks so much to Maren Michaelis for taking the photos and sharing this experience with me. I highly recommend doing your own pure beauty shoot with her! MORE PHOTOS TO COME


“I am 40 years old, bisexual, married and a mother of two. I am size 44, I have stretch marks, cellulite, a floppy belly, crooked teeth and varicose veins.

In the past I would look in the mirror and let our current beauty standards whisper in my ear “your not good enough”. Until one day I screamed back “I DON’T BELIEVE YOU!”

The truth is – there are no “standards” there is only toxic insecurities which limit our potential to be the powerful beautiful women we truly are.

I finally stopped giving a fuck about how a woman is supposed to live her life and started simply being me whatever that may be. At the age of 40 I have never felt more sexy, more powerful, and more alive”.

– Lady Lou (Bedroom Burlesque)
Photo: Maren Michaelis