I did a sensual strip for him with long black gloves…

monique aislabie

Hey Lady Lou, I felt the impulse to let you know that the participation at one of your Burlesque classes three years ago, was the kick start of a magic transformation of my life towards fulfillment,  joy,  freedom and liberation:-))) I changed my life entirely, got rid of an energy draining, sexually uninterested long term boyfriend, and moved to a beautiful new city.  Now I feel more woman than ever!  I have met a fabulous new man and actually am dancing for him every once in a while with spectacular results.
Just yesterday, I did a sensual strip with long black gloves for him when a sudden flashback (due to the gloves) catapulted me back to the first steps towards letting out my feminine power in your workshop! So, I just wanted to let you know that you were part of this awakening! I’d like to thank you for your encouragement, your commitment to bringing out the feminine side of life and for having me look at myself with new eyes!!! Anja xo

Aged: 48
Profession: Marketing
From: Frankfurt