I felt so insecure and so… ugly

monique aislabie

Here is a very beautiful story one of my students shared with me about her personal experience in my Burlesque Workshop.

“When I booked Lady Lou’s Burlesque Workshop I wanted to learn something about dancing, some sexy moves and just have fun. But what I got was a lot more than that! I began to shine during your teaching and found my self confidence again.  I had cancer treatment only a year ago and my whole body changed after that.  I felt so insecure and so… ugly.  It was hard to accept the scars and all the other marks that my cancer has left on me.  But after this weekend I felt totally different.  For the first time in months I really began to feel sexy and beautiful again!  I won something back, from which I truly believed I`d lost forever and you gave it back to me in just two days. I will never forget that you told me, I`m unique and special.  Every woman is beautiful in her own way and I hope this experience will be possible for more women like me.  You probably can`t imagine what you did for me but I`m glad, that I can tell you now, what great job you did! Please go on teaching like that because you have so much to give.  The little sparkle you awoke in me has now grown and I go on sharing it with other women, who lost it just like me. Thank you so much Lady Lou!” 

Yours, Stefanie xoxo