I got a “Boooo” from the crowd

monique aislabie

“We should talk about Body Positivity and Tolerance….
Body shaming happens with every body type, not only to bodies with overweight issue but many times to underweight or transbody too. I have been myself a victim of body shaming my whole life since I was a kid; considering that Ive been always the smallest boy in the class. Growing up skinny and small in the macho gay community is also a shame; such a shame that I cant take it that I had to push myself to go to gym for many years and faced failures a countless amount of times. Every body has their own issues and seems that bodyshaming is what people may throw at you in order for them to dominate and insult over you. Its not your problem, its theirs. We cant live over people’s expectations.
I talked about this today because in the last weekend I was actually bodyshammed on a stage of over 400people. The reason is because I have a boy body walking in drag ( exactly in the photos that you are seeing). What happened was that I walked with two other ladies and I got a “Boooo” from the crowd. Yes I dont have boobs and I dont have big bootie. But I f***ing love my own body, its been my best friend in the last 28 years. You cant shame it, its been in Vogue magazine, bitsch! #mybodymyrules
I am looking for a more queer, tolerant terrain where everybody can confidently show their true color without a shame. 🙏 Pray! “

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Picture by @tinttu_henttonen