I have decided to lean into the fear

monique aislabie

Wow! I just got a message from a former Burlesque Graduate of mine that had to move back to her small town in America which is known to have strong religious and conservative values. She told me that she is about to reveal herself and give a talk at her co-working space (she works in a corporate environment) about her alter ego, life as a Burlesque performer, and the empowering feminist magic of Burlesque. She is super nervous about putting her career on the line and doesn’t know how her colleagues will react to the news. But in her own words she said…. “I have decided to lean into the fear and just see what happens”. I’m sooooooo proud of her !!! Wow this is so brave and so important. The only way we will change peoples views and conservative ideas about what women should and shouldn’t do with their bodies is by having brave women like her stepping forward and owning it like a QUEEN !!! MY BODY, MY RULES !!! Sending all my love and power and support to her. Go girl go !!! Watch this space ……..