I shoved his leg aside and sat down, my heart was racing

monique aislabie

Taking up space… This morning I got onto the U5 and it was full. I spotted a free seat that was being partly taken up by a huge manspreading beer drinking biker dude in a leather jacket and sunglasses. My first reaction was to not go for the seat. But then I thought fuck him I want to sit down! I signalled at him to move over. He looked at me like wtf are you doing!? A rush of adrenaline came over me and I shoved his leg aside and sat down, my heart was racing. He threw some stupid insults at me. I made a point of not making myself smaller in that seat and so did he. The other women around me gave me a knowing smile. I sat like this for five long stations hoping that he wasn’t going to get violent. He didn’t. I got off feeling like I had proved my point maybe not to him because I think this guy will never change, but I definitely proved something to myself and to the other women around that saw what I did… women have a right to take up space and it’s time to push back!