monique aislabie

“This add keeps coming up on my Facebook feed that has drawings of different ”bodytypes” and the words ”Know your bodytype” on it, apparently because there are different kind of methods to loose weight depending on your bodytype.
I’m so sick and tired of this sh*t it makes me want to throw things so I borrowed a stage photo from my other alter ego to send my own message. If you want to change your body, do it, but do it for the right reasons. Know that you are valuable and accepted as you are and you don’t need to change”.

My name is Stella Polaire. I’m a burlesque performer, a geek, a bookworm, a rebel, a mother, a dreamer and a sassy lady. 

Burlesque is my passion: I can bring you the fun, the fabulous and the fantasy. But I’m also a real woman with real troubles, real stretch marks, real tears and real fears, and even though I can put on a pair of lace knickers and sprinkle glitter all over that I also bring all that to the stage with me. I aim to entertain but always with a twist.

I’m saddened by the facist beauty standards that rule the world, and my goal is to break the stereotypical beauty image that is forced on girls and women all over the world, and of course have the time of my life doing it 😉


Photo: Katri Kallio Photography
Costume: Blu-83 by Daisy Cutter burlesque