My intense encounter with a stranger

monique aislabie

On Friday I was at Alexanderplatz at 2am making my way home after a big night out. I saw a young girl by herself falling asleep on a bench. I went over to check if she was ok. She was drunk and said she lost her friend in a nightclub and her friend had her phone and wallet. We took the same train and talked on the way to keep her awake.
She was really funny and made me laugh when telling me how much she didn’t like her best friends new boyfriend. Her humour was witty and she was perceptive because she could see right through this dude.
She asked me what i do for a living, when i told her she screamed and flipped out thinking I was some kind of celebrity or something. She said “I’m 18 and dropped out of school because I’m stupid. So now I work full time at Rewe supermarket. I’m not really good at anything so I will just find a man and have children like my mother and grandmother did”.
All of a sudden I had this strange kind of feeling that I was future me talking to past me. I told her… “Your only 18, save your money and travel, meet new people and make new experiences, and STOP telling yourself your not good at anything because you are, you just haven’t found it yet. I can see that you are intelligent because your really funny and witty. You can go a long way with that skill of seeing people and having social intelligence.
There is absolutely nothing wrong with just being a mother if that’s what makes you happy. But it sounds like your settling for that because you think there are no other options. Well there are endless options, you just need to find the confidence to go out and find them and tell yourself – your worth it”.
She burst into tears and said nobody has ever told her that before. I had to get off at my stop, we had a big long hug and said goodbye.
Hopefully she will remember the conversation when she woke up on Saturday morning with a terrible hangover!

Lady Lou