Not ready for a workshop yet?

monique aislabie

If your not ready to attend a Burlesque workshop with other students because let’s face it, the transition out of lockdown takes some time. But you feel like you need a confidence boost. You can book me for a 1:1 private lesson! I would be happy to share this time with you 💕

Private lessons can cover a wide range of topics including:

 • Finding your feminine side

 • Building self-confidence

 • Learn how to have fun flirting and get help preparing for a hot date

 • Develop a Burlesque act for the stage or for your lover in the Bedroom 

 • How to introduce safe and fun kinky play to your bedroom

 • And much more!

You can decide what you want to learn and Lady Lou will cater the private lesson to your needs.

 • 1:1 Private Lessons – 60€ per hour

 • 1:1 Online Private Lessons – 40€ per hour


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