oh i can do that naked!

monique aislabie

BY DOTTI MASCOTTI:  In my bio I say “I ran away from the circus” as my clown persona, but the real me ran actually away to Berlin from Chicago because of body shaming. I’ve done theater my entire life and it wasn’t until I grew boobs and hips did I realised I would never have the body type to be a “leading lady” in that world.
When I came to Berlin I found through clowning that I could be this positive, upbeat person, that makes people smile and when I was introduced to burlesque I realised “Oh I can do that naked!” A lot of my fears in life, for example wearing a bathing suit, I put into my acts. I created that act not only for myself but so everyone can feel they have a “beach body” it doesn’t matter if you’re big or tiny or whatever. As long as you’re on a beach and having fun you’ll never look more ridiculous that me humping a donut on stage.
A lot of my 20’s I’ve spent feeling slut shamed or going through break ups, and I use that energy for my “Good to Dotti” and “Sweatpants” acts. Every time I’ve done the sweatpants act I feel empowered and like I’m in a pop video. I relate to pop singers like Britney and Taylor, they’re constantly shamed for how they write about their love lives in their music but I think as women and all artists, we have a right to use that outlet for our emotions. Burlesque has been an amazing outlet for me to inspire and be inspired by performers in this amazing community.

Whether she’s clowning around or burlesque dancing this little clown just can’t seem to behave. She ran away from the circus with dreams of having a glamorous life on the stage. She made her burlesque debut in July 2017 with Dirrty Cabaret in Prague. Just in her first year she’s performed for many shows in Berlin, Galway, London,Warsaw, Bristol and at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Dotti was one of the few performers chosen to compete in the Shimmy Shakedown Newcomer Competition and won “Most Humorous” and was also named “Runner Up” at the Rising Star of the West Competition at the Galway Burlesque Festival. Dotti is excited to continue learning burlesque and bringing her body positivity clown acts to stages around the world.

Sweatpants at Madame Q’s from Dotti Moscati on Vimeo.