Date: 27.11.20
Time: 20:00 – 21:00
Location: via Skype
Fee: 25,00€


For this one we will play the strict school biology teacher giving a lesson about female anatomy and pleasure. She is smart, strong, sexy and doesn’t put up with anyone that steps out of line! 

The items you will need…

1) Dress and jacket/cardigan OR shirt and skirt.

2) Hold up Stockings 

3) Bra and Panties (any style)

4) High heels

5) A stick or whip (for your teaching accessory)

6) A piece of paper with the text (in English or German) FEMALE ANATOMY & PLEASURE written on it. If you like you can also draw a basic picture of the female form. But if you are not confident with drawing just the text is ok as well!

7) Glasses (optional)

6) Pasties (optional)

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