Saturday, 14 November3:30 – 5:30pm

Sunday, 15 November5:30 – 7:30pm

(start times may vary slightly, please check times again upon registration)

Location: Charitestraße 4, 10117 Berlin

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Facebook: Schönheitstanz Berlin Studio

When the sun goes down and the streets are quiet that’s when we come out of the shadows to play!

In this workshop you will also learn how to combine classic burlesque moves, luxurious kinky sex toys and soft bondage to create your very own, unforgettable Bedroom experience!

Here are some of the items you will need:

  • Cape that ties at the neck – if you don’t have one then improvising with a bed sheet or piece of fabric
  • BH
  • Panties or Hotpants
  • Horns – make your own horns! (This is optional)
    Links about how to make horns from household items…
  • Pumps/High Heels/Boots (optional)

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** BEDROOM BURLESQUE IS… a concept designed to empower women by bringing, Self Love and Burlesque together in a space where women can discover their sexy side freely and without judgement.

** LEARNING HOW TO BE SEXY… with a self love attitude is not only fun for the bedroom. It can also be a powerful and infinite source of self-confidence in other aspects of your daily life!

** ALL WOMEN WELCOME… not matter what your age, size, sexual orientation, nationality or relationship status is you all deserve to feel like a gorgeous Diva in the Bedroom and saying to yourself your worth it is the first step to becoming it!

FOR ALL LEVELS – no previous dance experience needed