Saturday, 11 April6:00 – 8:00pm 

Sunday, 12 April6:00 – 8:00pm

(start times may vary slightly, please check times again upon registration)

Location: Charitestraße 4, 10117 Berlin

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BURLESQUE LEVEL 2 – this weekend workshop is a fun introduction to the basics of the Burlesque Striptease.  You will learn how to confidently get out of your costume and feel fabulous while doing it.

You will learn:
How to dance, act, and make a fun striptease all at the same time!

How to take off a pair of stockings
How to use Nipple Pasties
How to look and feel confident while making your striptease
How to add your own personality into your Burlesque! 

The dance accessories (Boa and Gloves) are provided by the studio.

For the Level 2 Burlesque Workshop you will need to bring…

  • Stay Up Stockings (without straps, not fishnet)
  • Night Dress or normal dress that you can pull DOWN over your hips.
  • High Heels
  • Pasties (if you don’t have some you can use mine)
  • Panties (any kind)
  • Bra (normal bra with shoulder straps & opening at the back)
  • A Robe, Kimono, long cardigan, to wear in the breaks

Neujahrss-Special im Schönheitstanz Studio 2020
Januar 2020 bis 23. Februar 2020

2- Stunden: 50,- Euro*

4- Stunden: 90,- Euro* (weekend workshop)

8- Stunden: 170,- Euro*

12- Stunden: 240,- Euro*

Fragen und Anmeldungen sendet bitte an oder