Date: 23.10.20
Time: 20:00 – 21:00
Location: via Skype
Fee: 25,00€


It’s time to say goodbye to summer as we start to welcome the longer nights of winter. We will pay tribute to the moon and all her glory with a beautiful elegant Moon Dance.

The items you will need…

Optional – fairy lights (lichterketten) to decorate the room and give the feeling of stars at night. Or Candle light.

Costume –

Top layer: this should be something soft and floaty. For example a dress, night gown, morgan mantel, or a piece of soft fabric.

Stockings: stay up stockings (without straps)

Bra and Panties: any style

High Heels

A white balloon: We will dance with it during the choreography. This balloon represents our moon. Optional – if you can find some LED lights to put inside the balloon then great. But if not just a white balloon will also do.

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