PRIDE weekend 2019

monique aislabie

Wow what a lovely pride weekend, so much love and so many beautiful people. Here’s what pride means to me…
We live in a world that is constantly telling us that we don’t measure up to the unrealistic socially constructed ideas of what “beauty” & “sexy” is supposed to look like. It’s time to redefine these labels for ourselves… Find “beauty” in your ability to be unique, honest and different from everybody else, and discover your “sexy” side through the exploration of your OWN sexuality and sexual pleasures (whatever they maybe!).
And who has the authority to control your sexuality..?! Nobody does ! Not your parents, not your lover/partner, not your employer, not those men who leer at you on the street, not those insecure women that judge everything they see, and certainly not the mainstream media. Don’t give them that power. Your sexuality belongs to you and ONLY you. Love it, nurture it, listen to it, and be playful and proud of it.