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Aged: 29
Profession: Fashion Designer
From: Stuttgart

When I booked Lady Lou’s Burlesque Workshop I wanted to learn something about dancing, some sexy moves and just have fun. But what I got was a lot more than that! I began to shine during your teaching and found my self confidence again.  I had cancer treatment only a year ago and my whole body changed after that.  I felt so insecure and so… ugly.  It was hard to accept the scars and all the other marks that my cancer has left on me.  But after this weekend I felt totally different.  For the first time in months I really began to feel sexy and beautiful again!  I won something back, from which I truly believed I`d lost forever and you gave it back to me in just two days. I will never forget that you told me, I`m unique and special.  Every woman is beautiful in her own way and I hope this experience will be possible for more women like me.  You probably can`t imagine what you did for me but I`m glad, that I can tell you now, what great job you did! Please go on teaching like that because you have so much to give.  The little sparkle you awoke in me has now grown and I go on sharing it with other women, who lost it just like me. Thank you so much Lady Lou! Yours, Stefanie


Aged: 24
Profession: Jounalist
From: Munich

Hi Lady Lou, I wanted to share the something with you… I started your burlesque classes because it’s a lot of fun, but also because it makes me feel confident. Lately for some inexplicable reason men keep hitting on me while before I was feeling invisible, although I don’t seem to have changed physically and I dress the same. Today a friend said that while I was always pretty, now I’m like a femme fatale, that enters a room like “the queen of Paris” 😅 So I think maybe the power that I feel during the classes has transferred into my everyday life without me even noticing. So thank you for your amazing work! It’s one thing to read about self-confidence and another thing to practice unapologetically in a class where I feel like I can be free and unashamed of my sexuality.


Aged: 32
Profession: stay at home mum
From: Salzburg

It is incredible how your workshop changes a woman: My moves are fluid and delicate, I look at my legs, my breasts, the curve of my shoulders and I think: Wow, what a beautiful body I have…. and thanks to you I know how to show it now! I think my partner noticed that too – the way he looks at me and touches the parts of my body I “present” him. You’re a great teacher, a great performer and a great person… Lots of love and best wishes, Nadia


Aged: 48
Profession: Marketing
From: Frankfurt

Hey Lady Lou, I felt the impulse to let you know that the participation at one of your Burlesque classes three years ago, was the kick start of a magic transformation of my life towards fulfillment,  joy,  freedom and liberation:-))) I changed my life entirely, got rid of an energy draining, sexually uninterested long term boyfriend, and moved to a beautiful new city.  Now I feel more woman than ever!  I have met a fabulous new man and actually am dancing for him every once in a while with spectacular results. Just yesterday, I did a sensual strip with long black gloves for him when a sudden flashback (due to the gloves) catapulted me back to the first steps towards letting out my feminine power in your workshop! So, I just wanted to let you know that you were part of this awakening! I’d like to thank you for your encouragement, your commitment to bringing out the feminine side of life and for having me look at myself with new eyes!!! Anja xo


Aged: 38
Profession: Mother/Journalist
From: Brandenburg

Hi Lady Lou! 

Thank you for the wonderful workshop!  It’s interesting how off balance I noticed being with my sensuality/ femininity. I haven’t really missed that side of myself these past years that much. I’m in a happy relationship, I’ve been mothering 24/7 again and done a lot of male dominated sports. All things that make me feel strong. But not necessarily vulnerable and feminine. I came to your class because I knew it was wise to do so at this point. 

But I didn’t quite expect to find myself so off balance. Or so out of touch. It was very therapeutic (like always in your classes) to risk a self-loving look in the mirror. To be allowed to let that withered side of myself blossom again. And it’s not the sexual side of it. I’m totally satisfied with the sex in my life. It was more the playful, sensual, feminine, vulnerable strength that I seemed to get in touch with again. A different strength than the one I’ve been using the past years. 

Thank you for that!


Aged: 28
Profession: Fitness Coach  
From: Berlin 

Hi Lady Lou, I just wanted to say that I was so happy about the last workshops I did with you!  All that female power helped me to stay strong through the breakup with my boyfriend. Now I feel enthusiastic about life again (and need some wild romance soon or else I’m gonna explode 😆).