The Guilty Feminist

monique aislabie

A fellow Burlesque buddy (Honey Lulu creator of Honey & Lola Vintage) introduced me to this hilarious and refreshing podcast.  I am without a doubt a guilty feminist, I have been listening to it every day.  It makes me laugh-cry, I just can’t get enough.   So I though I would share it with you…

The Guilty Feminist podcast is a space where women’s good intentions bump up against being flawed and human, and they find themselves compromising. The result is a passionate, funny, fresh, thought-provoking podcast, as engaging as it’s informative.  Frances-White observes: “Every day of my life, I’ll wake up and not be perfect. I’ll always do and think less-than-feminist things until the day I die.” The point being that Frances-White sees the funny side of her feminist stumbles and misfires, and she wants other women to relax a little too.


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