the no make-up, and no filter, close up reveal

monique aislabie

For a showgirl this is perhaps the scariest kind of strip one can do – the no make-up, no filter, close up reveal !!😱

Last night I came home from teaching another amazing Burlesque workshop this time at The Soho House.
My job there was to empower women through Burlesque and create a space where they are inspired to be themselves with no shame attached. In teaching this I feel it’s important that I also practice what I preach and take a look at where my comfort zones, fears, and insecurities are and then try to push through them.

So there I was finally home after a long successful day of work, standing in my bathroom looking in the mirror with my typical Lady Lou drag on. I thought to myself – I really like my Lady Lou drag and people connect that look to my persona. But does that mean I have to be ashamed and hide my natural look – and that look is not actually a look – it’s simply just me!?

So here it is, pushing through the fear… with no shame, no make-up, no filter, finished work after a long day, 40 years old, tired but happy