To risk a self-loving look in the mirror

monique aislabie

Hey Lady Lou! 

Thank you for the wonderful workshop!  It’s interesting how off balance I noticed being with my sensuality/ femininity. I haven’t really missed that side of myself these past years that much. I’m in a happy relationship, I’ve been mothering 24/7 again and done a lot of male dominated sports. All things that make me feel strong. But not necessarily vulnerable and feminine. I came to your class because I knew it was wise to do so at this point. 

But I didn’t quite expect to find myself so off balance. Or so out of touch. It was very therapeutic (like always in your classes) to risk a self-loving look in the mirror. To be allowed to let that withered side of myself blossom again. And it’s not the sexual side of it. I’m totally satisfied with the sex in my life. It was more the playful, sensual, feminine, vulnerable strength that I seemed to get in touch with again. A different strength than the one I’ve been using the past years. 

Thank you for that!