Women CAN make the first move

monique aislabie

Women CAN MAKE THE FIRST MOVE !!! Life is too short waiting for someone to come and choose you. If you want it, go out and get it.  I just had a student from my Bedroom Burlesque Workshop write to me and said last night she tried the flirting techniques I taught and it worked.  She gave this guy “the look” then walked away and sat at a empty table in the other room. Within minutes he was coming over to join her.  Yesss so proud. Go girl!

For a lot of women flirting is a very awkward area to navigate your way through. One of the reasons for this is because there can be a lot of negativity that is directed at a woman that is openly flirtatious and confident. Phrases like… ” oh she’s too much!” “look at that bitch, she thinks she’s better than everyone else” “she must be crazy”.
Another reason why women are afraid to make the first move is because sometimes men get intimidated by women that takes action and knows what she wants.
But it’s time to change this! A big part of learning how to give “the look” or how to flirt is not taking yourself too seriously and allowing yourself to be a little bit silly. Having fun and being playful in your approach to flirting is important.

A former Burlesque student of mine (Miss van Doll) sent this lovely picture and post in regards to women making the first move..
“I think it’s totally worth it to go for what you want! A strong independent woman doesn’t need to wait. I asked my boyfriend infront of all our friends if he wants to marry me”. – Miss Van Doll