Women write letters to their boobs

monique aislabie

The Dear Boobs Project intends to start conversations about how women feel about their bodies and breasts after surgery, to validate the emotions involved, and help to start to address the impact of altered body image after breast cancer.

Dear Boobs is a collection of 100 letters and imagery from women all over the world. Emily aims to make 1000 books free and available for waiting rooms and cafes. There is also an opportunity to purchase via website www.thedearboobsproject.com.

Emily feels a special connection with each and every woman who has shared their story with her. “I hope the letters will educate and inform supporters and families about the significance and sometimes ongoing impact of breast cancer surgery on women’s emotional and spiritual health, and their relationships. The Dear Boobs Project will offer these readers a unique insight into the long road to a ‘new normal’ for women who have had surgery due to breast cancer.”

The Dear Boobs Project from Indigo Moon Productions on Vimeo.