monique aislabie

Movement has always been very important to me in a family where communication and emotional expression is frowned on I found that listening to the rhythm inside of myself always allowed for perfect communication with at least me. As I grew up I found that movement expression became more limited the older I got, not limited in my physical sense but in moves that society and culture deemed as evocative, slutty, naughty. I found myself fighting with the movements that made me feel confident and the natural rhythm I had been moving to for years. The rhythm that gave me that sassy stride or allowed me to fall in love with my body and each part of it. I began burlesque to connect to myself in the way in which I found most expressive and empowering. I have since moved on to teach burlesque with a strong focus on body confidence and acceptance. In a world where we are given labels of friend, mother, daughter, brother, student, etc. I think is important to stick only to the labels In which we give ourselves and for me and many women the movement, love, acceptance and creativity come through burlesque.

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