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The Bedroom Burlesque Workshops aim to inspire self confidence and provide a safe space to have fun while exploring your sexy side.
Lady Lou brings, classic Burlesque striptease, self love, sensory play, soft bondage and the art seduction together in one sparkling package – YOU!

Lady Lou

Lady Lou is one of Germany’s most well-known names in the current Burlesque scene, for she has been an integral part of Berlin’s Burlesque renaissance since 2008 and is known to some as the “Burlesque Mama of Berlin”.  After more than 10 years of performing, producing and teaching Burlesque to hundreds of students Lady Lou has chosen to specialize in helping women to be confident in expressing their sexuality and loving their bodies! She has created her own brand of workshops called Bedroom Burlesque, which celebrates diversity in all body shapes and allows women to explore their sexy side without judgement or limitations.  As she knows from her own experience and life journey as a woman, a wife, an entrepreneur, and a mother, that having this kind of space can be an extremely uplifting form of self discovery and empower you in many other aspects of your life.

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